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History and Experience

1919 Opened up iron machinery manufacturing by Sutekichi Ikuta who is a pioneer and founder of IKUTA . At that time, the main business was Sake( Japanese alcohol ) brewing machine and so on.
1953 Established IKUTA SANKIKOGYO Co., Ltd. 【IKUTA Manufacturing Equipment Corporation】

Made the first Milling machine.

1961 Constructed the new factory at the location where our present building is sitting now.
1970 Developed Double surface milling machine, up/down strip surface were milled in one pass.
1974 Munehiro Ikuta took up the post as the second President of IKUTA.
1994 Delivered 1500mm-wide and the large-size Double surface milling machine to KM-Europa Metal in Germany.
Yasuhiro Ikuta undertook the position of the third President of IKUTA. . Developed a tandem type of milling line for special milling condition. Delivered tandem milling line to in Minchali Metal Company, a Taiwan manufacturing company.

Established IKUTA Suzhou Mechanical Engineering Co.,Ltd. which is located Suzhou City in China.

2004 Provided The thinnest copper foil(6μ) degrease line.
2006 Developed a dual shape strip milling line successfully.

2007 Awarded 2007 Finest Manufacturing Technology Enterprises by Ministry of Economy of Small and Medium Enterprises .
Established affiliate company KYOWIND.
Opened IKUTA’s new office in Tokyo and Hiroshima.
Obtained the qualification of Kyoto Environment System (KES).

2011 Constructed IKUTA’s new head office building.
Constructed SEIWA Suzhou Engineering Co.Ltd.
Delivered vertical pass Tin-plating lines to some of the copper makers.

Delivered the newest milling machines to some of the copper makers.

Make a corporation with TOTO Engineering Co.Ltd.
Delivered the Multi – layers strip line to a national poly – material maker in Germany.
Take a part in the exhibition of EuroBLECH 2014 in Hannover Germany.

Ikuta as company that has continued for more than 10 years, as an excellent company, has been chosen to Oscar certification.


6, Yokoojishimomisu Tsujidocho, Fushimi-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 612-8241, Japan