IKUTA Team Outstanding in the World


Is there any brochure pricing?
Because our products are all customization, we meet customer demands for their needs by our past records at the beginning.
So please contact us by the inquiry form.
Can you repair for other company’s machinery and is it possible to get a quotation even we have no drawings?
Yes. As a manufacturing equipment maker, we response you with many experiences and its technologies. It is all possible to repair and maintenance even if the machinery is not our-made or there is no drawing. Our specialist will provide you some advice for any questions. Please contact us by the inquiry form.
How should we inquire in your procedure?
Please contact us by inquiry form. Our staff from Sales Dept. will response you about your detail content.
Can you tell me about the process from inquiry to delivery?

In a case of a large scale process including construction and test running, our procedure is just as below.

1. inquiry
2. confirmation
3. quotation
4. order
5. contract
6. kickoff
7. put forward
8. designing
9. manufacturing
10. inspection before delivery with customer
11. shipping & delivery
12. installing and test running
13. final acceptance

Please remind the process which is up to each case.

May I negotiate with you for a price?
Yes. We could suggest about your budget. Because our products are all made by customer’s needs and specification. We wonder your needs and budget in a comprehensive manner and offer the best idea to you.
May I ask you a project which is refused by another company?
Yes, we would like to. So please contact us without hesitate by inquiry form.
Would you make a trial sample which is a new project for us?
We have ever made many samples for the new project development. “Challenge and change for new things and overcome any difficulties”- which is our dream. So please contact us by inquiry form.
How long does it take from an order till a delivery?
Actually, it depends on a size of equipment. For example, a small type of single machinery takes only for three to six months. In contrast, a large size of process line takes for more than twelve months usually. Please contact us by inquiry form.
Would you keep a secret about the content of our discussion?
Certainly, We will keep the secret contract between us to the third.
Where is your manufacturing site?
We design and manufacture in IKUTA Kyoto factory. However, we have another factory in Suzhou China where also design and manufacture. We insure the quality is the same as in Japan and have a lower price.


6, Yokoojishimomisu Tsujidocho, Fushimi-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 612-8241, Japan