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Slitter Shear Line

We provide the optimal slitter line for customers' needs

The technical capabilities cultivated by IKUTA in copper elongation production line for many years are also used in the slitter line of the last process.

Please contact with IKUTA at the time of factory establishment and renewal of plant equipment.

Whether loop type or friction type, we can design and manufacture the optimal slitter line according to product or line situations.

Slitter Shear Line

Only IKUTA can manufacture electromagnetism rolling-up type and provide all kinds of advantages for our customers.

Only IKUTA can manufacture the slitter line of electromagnetism rolling-up type in Japan. Please let us provide with you the design of high performance line and the materials with high quality.

Feature of the slitter line of electromagnetism rolling-up type

  • It is possible to stably roll up many narrow bars of minimum 4mm width.
  • Since the rolling-up tension is optimum , the finished coils obtain high quality.
  • Since tension generation equipment isn’t installed before rolling up, the risk of crack and dirt is lost and the surface quality is improved.
  • High speed Rolling-up and boost manufacturing efficiency.

Products & Technology


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